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The health insurance industry in India has been thriving since its inception in 1986. It has grown exponentially to become a market which is worth billions. With the benefits health insurance cover offers, the market is only likely to grow further in the future. India, which has the second largest population in the world and health risks increasing day by day along with the cost of health treatments, it is a smart decision to opt for a good health insurance plan. Having a health insurance policy also lets you live peacefully knowing that all your health related expenses are taken care of by a reliable insurance provider. At Pandaje, we offer you the best suited health insurance plan as per your needs and thus help you get through the process smoothly without any hassle.


A good health insurance cover saves you from health as well as financial perils. Even though no one actually plans to get sick or hurt, but most people do need medical care at some point of their lives. Health insurance policy covers such costs plus also offers many other essential benefits. It covers important health benefits, which are basically critical to retaining your health and thus treating illnesses and other issues. It is most effective in protecting you from the unexpected, high medical costs.

Mediclaim Health Insurance:

Mediclaim covers the cost of hospitalization which includes expenses pre and post hospitalization for definite number of days. These costs include room rent, surgeon fees, anesthetist, medical practitioner and specialist fees, operation theatre charges, surgical appliance, medical and drugs, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other similar expenses.

There is some exclusion which all products may have with respect to the coverage. The common are first 30 days waiting period and 3 to 4 year exclusion of pre – existing disease. There are certain diseases which are covered after a waiting period of two years such as hernia, Cataract etc.

Top-up Plans:

Top-up plans also cover hospitalization expenses. These plans cover the expenses only if the total expenses exceed a pre-specified threshold limit (deductible). Since these plans have deductible, the premiums of these plans are relatively cheap. So you can buy a top-up plan with a deductible of the amount equal to the cover of your basic health plan. This plan can help when there are major hospitalization expenses arising out of critical illness or accident.

Critical Illness Plans:

Critical illness cover pays you a lump sum amount (sum assured) on diagnosis of the specified list of critical illness like Cancer, Multiple sclerosis, Paralysis, Coronary artery bypass surgery, Major organ transplant, Primary pulmonary arterial hypertension, First heart attack, Stroke, Kidney failure, Aorta graft surgery. The illness varies from company to company. There is a waiting period of first 90 days and also you need to survive for 30 days after the diagnosis of the illness; only then the sum assured is paid. This cover helps you continue your regular lifestyle even after loss of income due to diagnosis of critical illness.

Accidental Death and Disability Insurance:

Accidental death and disability insurance pays you a lump sum amount (sum assured) in case of an uncertain event of death or disability due to an accident. The disability may be permanent total disability (like loss of both limbs, hearing of ears, eyesight, etc) or permanent piartial disability (like loss of one limb, hearing of one ears, eyesight, etc). This cover helps you continue your regular lifestyle even after loss of income due to permanent or total disability.

One also needs to compare the products on the basis of features of the product and also premium payable before opting for mediclaim insurance company in India.


  • You submit your requirement and budget
  • As per your need our experts offer you the best medical insurance plan
  • Once you approve, we help you with a hassle-free insurance buying process
Once we know what exactly is your requirement in terms of the budget and coverage, we handhold you through the entire process of getting you the best possible medical insurance policy.

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