Eligibility for Home Loan:

Minimum Age- 25 Years.
Employed Type- Salaried Only.
Minimum Salary- 25000/month.
Property Registry Documents.

Apply Form:

Home Loan- Buy the House of Your Dreams

A Home is one of the biggest purchases in an individual's life. To buy a home without securing a home loan is tough financially for most people. We, at Pandaje, understand the needs of our customers and partner with them so that they can become proud home owners on terms that are fair and simple. With a home loan from any of the top banks in India, you can buy a flat or a house without having to worry about putting together a huge down payment. Our home loan scheme is suitable for both salaried and self-employed individuals.

For most people today paying the entire cost of the house at one go is impossible. Therein comes the home loan, a loan product that has helped millions realize their dreams of owning their own home at an early age. You apply to a bank or housing finance company (HFC) for a loan. The lender pays the developer the cost of the house according to the payment plan. You in turn pay the bank/HFC equated monthly installments (EMIs) spread over the tenure of the loan. At Pandaje we provide easy loan approval to the customers.

Eligibility for Home Loan

    Indian citizen above 21 years
    Individual, either singly or jointly with other family members viz. father, mother, son and/or spouse, who have regular sources of income as co-applicants.
    Siblings, i.e. brother-sister, brother- brother, sister-sister can be permitted as an applicant’s/co-applicants subject to the property must be in the joint names of the siblings.
    NRIs are also eligible for the home loan. Contact our nearest branch for further details.

Stop wishing for your dream home; go ahead and fulfill your dream! Capital First's home loan is a stepping stone to home ownership. Using our home loan EMI calculator, you can find out your home loan EMI easily. The housing loan EMI calculator is incredibly simple to use; just input your home loan amount, interest rate and tenure, and we will let you know your monthly installment amount instantly. The home loan calculator removes all your doubts about how much the loan will cost each month, and brings transparency into the process.

Compare and Make a Choice:

Pandaje is an unbiased comparison source, allowing you to analyze various home loan deals available in the market according to the key data provided by you. You will need to enter some basic information related to your housing loan requirements which includes the purpose for availing the home loan, city where you wish to buy property, loan amount, loan tenure and your employment type. Based on the mentioned details, we will provide you with the best home loan options that you can avail. We give you the opportunity to compare the best home loans in India against different parameters and choose the one which suits you the best.

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